Study Permit Extension: Things You Should Know

  • Study Permit Extension: Things You Should Know

    • 19 August, 2022
    • Posted By : Immigrate Now

    International students inside Canada is responsible to make sure that they have a valid student status at all times. Student must apply in a timely manner to extend their status.

    Some important questions that we often get asked by International students in Canada about student status are:

    • What is Maintained Student Status: While Students should apply to extend their status in a timely manner, if a student applied for a study permit extension, and their Study permit expires after making that application, the student is considered to be on what is called a “maintained status” previously called “implied status”. While on maintained status, students can continue to study even after the expiry of their previous permit, while awaiting their new permit
    • Until when is my Study Permit Valid? Your Study permit is valid until the Expiry date of the Study permit, if you continue to be a student in Canada. If your studies have already completed, and your study permit expiry date (as per your Study Permit document) still has some time on it, the study permit is considered valid on the earlier of: 90 days after the day student completed their studies OR the expiry date of the study permit.
    • Important documents needed to apply for a Study Permit Extension: You will need a recent proof of enrolment to be able to apply for a Study Permit Extension. This proves that you are currently enrolled in a program in Canada. If you are currently not enrolled in a program, however are applying to extend your SP extension for a program which will start soon and for which you have an LOA (Letter of Acceptance) for, a Letter of Acceptance would be required to be submitted. Other documents required are previous transcripts, proof of access to funds etc.
    • My IELTS is Expired. Will I need to redo it?: No, IELTS is not required in most circumstances to apply for a study permit extension
    • My previous Study Permit has expired, can I work on maintained status?: Students can continue to work part time and study just as they were allowed to as per their previous Study Permit. The same conditions apply.
    • I have finished one program of study and am going to start another program of study: Can I work during the time in between the two study programs? Yes. After completion of one study program, you may work full-time until the start of your second study program, as long as,

      o you have a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for your next study program, AND
      o you will be starting your next study program within 150 days of completion of the previous program.

    A number of students who are unaware of their Study Permit and PGWP conditions, or are unable to extend their study/ work permits in a timely manner, have the risk of being out of status and/or opportunity to receive a Postgraduate Work Permit, and gradually permanent residency. Our advice is: it is always better to ask now, have the right information, rather than risking your future.

    If you have questions about your status in Canada, work authorization, new study programs, your pathway to PR eventually contact us NOW.

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  • Outstanding job!!! First and foremost, I'd want to express my gratitude for your thorough preparation and instruction for the study permit visa extension file. Your skills and understanding made the visa procedure very simple for me, and I received my visa approval within a week. I sincerely appreciate everyone at Sunrise who assisted me with this visa application. I truly appreciate Amanpreet Singh, who helped me a lot and clearly explained every procedure if I had any questions or concerns about my visa document. This is my second time using the services of Sunrise Immigration, and both times I have been successful, and I will continue to do so in the future. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

    Gurkiran Nijjar
  • Anyone looking forward to get there desired university or colleges, study team is very helpful and thought full for your choice. They provide every details about the process and steps needed to take to get in correct path. Thank you very much for your support and i really appreciate effort from Amanpreet.

    Sawan Limbu
  • Exceptional services. In India as well I used Sunrise International services. And after coming here I was more than happy to receive their services again. Aman was very helpful and got me out of a very tricky situation regarding study permit. Thanks a lot ImmigrateNow.

    Deepanshu Monga
  • One of the best supports I’ve ever had to find a school in Canada! Amanpreet was such a great guide and person to help me with all the documents and steps necessary to find a school that best suited me and I’m so grateful for how they helped me.

    Germán Camou
  • Great experience working with representative, Amen. He was very attentive and helped me obtain necessary documents in a timely fashion.

    Nezar Kh
  • Great to work with Amanpreet. He made all the process very smooth and convenient for me. Definitely I am going to have their services in future and will recommend to others too.

    Adity Thakur
  • I did the study permit process to study in Vancouver, in Douglas College and all of Immigrate services was perfect from the begining to receive the acceptance letter. 100% recomended

    Miguel Diaz
  • Best professionals in their field. Got my applications done swiftly without any hiccups. Would definitely recommend to everyone for any Immigration related doubts, Q/A or to apply any application.

    Parun Rathore
  • Got my study permit extended through Sunrise. They were very sweet and cooperative. Got all my doubts cleared and communicating with them was quite efficient.

    harshita nakra

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